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Topic: Aerosols and Current Methods to Reduce Them (1.5CE)
Speaker: Dr. Vigarny Arguello Jr. D.M.D
Date: Tuesday, 9/7
Time: 6:30PM – 9:00PM
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Did you know that it wasn’t until the early 90’s that gloves were not legally required for hygienists? It takes a pandemic for dental professionals to see the light. That time it was AIDS and today it is Covid19. The incidence of aerosol-creating procedures has only increased. Inhalation of airborne particles and aerosols produced during dental procedures may cause adverse respiratory health effects and the #1 reason dental professionals miss work is due to respiratory infections. Healthcare professionals need to reassess the “invisible” risks and combat it with infection control protocols before, during and after patient care. In 10 years it should be the goal to look back and say “how did we work in such conditions” as it shows continuous progress. Let’s take this first step in that direction.

1. Understand physical properties of aerosol and splatter
2. Understanding the health implications of not controlling aerosols and splatter
3. Existing methodology used to reduce aerosols and splatter
4. Analysis of existing methodology from a financial perspective and clinical use

Dr. Vigarny A. Arguello Jr. has been practicing dentistry since 2009. Coming from a family with strong roots in medicine, Dr. Arguello naturally gravitated towards this industry. He graduated from Florida International University with a major in chemistry and a minor in biochemistry and then Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Arguello currently practices in one of his practices in South Florida and has a genuine interest in everything with dentistry ranging from treating patients, continuing education, photography and product development. His goal as a dentist is to help patients who have negative dental habits and change them into positive ones, as well as to help everyone achieve good oral health. As a member of the dental community his goal is to help provide solutions to problems he has encountered and offer a safer more efficient working environment.

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