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What happens when I graduate?

As soon as you hit your listed graduation date, ADHA automatically provides you with a FREE trial professional member. All you have to do is make sure your graduation date is correct on your member profile. It’s that easy!

Will it cost me anything?

As long as you are a current student member, transitioning to the graduate membership is free.

How long does my trial membership last?

If you graduate April – September your trial membership will run through December 31. If you graduate October – March your trial membership will run through June 30.

How do I become a professional member of ADHA?

After your trial membership in ADHA is up, you will be asked to renew your membership as a professional member. We will let you know when and how to renew when the time comes.

I’m looking for a job, but I haven’t found one. Can ADHA help?

Yes, ADHA has several resources to help you find a job. These include ADHA’s Career Center, the Employment Reference Guide, and community building opportunities.

If I become a professional member am I obligated to pay every year?

No, belonging to ADHA is a choice. When your membership is up for renewal you will receive information on how to continue it if you choose. While you are not obligated to pay every year, we plan on showing you the value of membership.

I don’t really understand what ADHA does, or how it affects my career.

ADHA is the largest national organization representing the professional interest of dental hygienists. That means that everyday ADHA is working to unite, empower, and support the dental hygiene profession. It is through our collective strength that gives ADHA the ability to support dental hygiene professionals throughout their careers and advocates for the profession.

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