In light of the surge in Covid-19 cases along with the highly contagious and rapid spread of the Delta variant, we would like your input on how you would be attending the hybrid meetings from October to January.

This will help decide how we will move forward with the meetings with the best interest of our members in mind. We will reevaluate the climate of the pandemic in January for the remainder of the months (March to May). There are some dental hygiene schools that have switched back to virtual learning.

Please remember that the upcoming September 7 meeting is virtual only. Thank you for your time and input!

Fill out the GHDHA Meeting Poll here: https://forms.gle/DeqWdoPWERCzvWh8A

As of now, the in-person meetings are set to be held at:
Pattern Dental
5373 W Sam Houston Pkwy N #240
Houston, TX 77041