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Date: Tuesday, December 3
Time: 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Location: 3303 Main St., Houston, TX
Topic: Oral Cancer 2.0: The Changing Trend by Forward Science
Presenter: Sandy Johnson

Recent trends in oral cancer have heightened the importance of a proper oral cancer screening protocol for all medical and dental professionals. Oral Cancer has risen each of the past eight years, and the deforming disease is now affecting patients with no traditional risk factors. Due to a 225% increase in HPV related oropharyngeal cancers, oral cancer is
occurring in younger populations, changing the perception of who to screen. With the need for a new oral cancer screening protocol, adjunctive screening options will be covered in detail. This course will introduce recent and emerging technologies for early discovery of oral cancer, including fluorescence technology and quantitative cytology along
with the importance of proper implementation. Clinical examples of these procedures will also be provided. As cancer therapies continue to evolve, two main side effects from most cancer treatments are xerostomia and mucositis, two oral health concerns. Common side effects and treatment options will be covered for the everyday oncology patient.