Updated Emergency Rule 108.7 is final and can be viewed on the TSBDE website here:https://tsbde.texas.gov/laws-rules/recent-rule-adoptions/

Updates on the Emergency Rules that were put in place 5/1. The new Emergency Rules go into effect on 8/25/20 and are vaild until 12/23.

Removal of:
– 16 B 5 (DHCPs shall complete the full treatment of one patient before leaving the treatment area and on to another patient.)
– 16 B 6 (DHCPs shall use only hand instruments and low speed polishing tools for hygiene services)

Amendment of:
– 16 D 2 (DHCPs should remove PPE and change from scrubs and PPE to personal clothing before returning home) to now state (DHCPs should remove PPE before returning home.

The rest of the original emergency rule is still in effect. This will be adopted as a new emergency rule with these revisions and will be in effect for 120 days (through Dec 23rd)