TSBDE has adopted the emergency rule related to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-19 on 4/30/20.

The final copy of emergency rules approved by Governor Abbott can be found here: http://tsbde.texas.gov/78i8ljhbj/Emergency-Rule-108.7_ls-4.30.pdf

Visit the TSBDE website for supporting information. http://tsbde.texas.gov/covid-19/

Here is the link that was discussed during the emergency meeting today about what is a “substantial equivalent” of the N95/KN95 masks. https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/disp_part/respsource3surgicaln95.html
This table of Surgical N95’s is provided as a courtesy. If you have a product that you believe is FDA cleared that does not appear on this table, you should verify the FDA clearance by contacting the FDA at 1-800-638-2041. IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS you will need to contact TSDBE for clarification.