Hena Patel

(RDH, BSDH)   Treasurer

My name is Hena Patel and I am currently working as a clinical dental hygienist. I graduated from The University of Texas- Arlington with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2012 and UTHealth School of Dentistry- Dental Hygiene program in 2016. I am currently preparing to enroll into a Masters of Healthcare Administration program for the upcoming year. I attended various volunteering events around the Houston area as well as organize oral hygiene educational seminars in my Indian community that we have in Houston and DFW areas. I served on the Board of Director’s for LPS youth group in Dallas, as well as held the position as their treasurer for 2 years while residing in Dallas. I am an active member in my community and I look forward to volunteer my time to various organizations around the Houston area to educate the public about oral health.

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